Usha AQUAGENIE SERIES – LCC301 Water Dispenser

Usha AQUAGENIE SERIES – LCC301 Water Dispenser

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The Usha Aquagenie water dispenser sold on Snapdeal is what you can call the super cool easy to operate water dispenser. The durable water dispenser can double up both as a water dispenser and a mini refrigerator of sorts with the ample cooling cabinet space. You can use it to store cans of cold drinks or even other edibles as shown in the picture. It is sleek, stylish and smart and hence makes it ideal for use almost anywhere.  It has a massive capacity of 18 liters and hence it is ideal for the work place and even for use at home. The presence of a large cooling cabinet also makes it ideal for individual use.  The Usha Aquagenie water dispenser also has three different faucets for hot, cold, and normal water.

Technical Specifications

No. of Faucets- 3
Heater Power – 550 Watt, 2.4A
Cold Water Storage Capacity- 3 Litres
Hot Water Storage Capacity – 1.1 Litres
Cooling Power Consumption- 120 Watt, 0.98A
Cooling Capacity- 3 Ltr./hr
Heating Capacity- 5 Ltr./hr at 85-95oC
Refrigerant- R-134 (Non CFC)
Cabinet Type- Cooling Cabinet
Gross Wt.- 21.5 Kg


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