USHA Mixer Grinder MG 3775 Imprezza plus

  • Food preparation is Quieter, Faster, Tastier with the stylish and sleek Imprezza Plus Mixer Grinder
  • 100 percent copper motor
  • High torque and high speed motor running at 21000 RPM
  • 3 pin plug with earthing for safety
  • Single sheet 304 Stainless Steel food grade blades
  • Advanced fluid dynamic food grade blades for quick and perfect mixing
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5 Types of Jars

  • Chutney Jar: Capacity 0.5 ml. For fresh dips and chutneys that serve as an accompaniment for your everyday food preparation.


  • Dry Jar: Capacity 1 Liter. Blade that cuts through the toughest ingredients and gives you the finest paste of urad dal and rice for soft idlis, crispy vadas and smooth onion paste for delicious gravies and curries.


  • Wet Jar: Capacity 1.5 Liters. For any liquid preparation – hot or cold – can be well prepared in large quantities in the wet jar.


  • Blending Jar with Fruit Filter: Capacity 1.5 Liters. Durable, leak-proof blender that that is made from food safe material for quick blending of mock-tails milkshakes and flavored lassis.


  • Grind & Store Jar: Capacity 0.4 ml. Freshly ground ingredients ca be easily stored in the same jar. Just lock the lid and store safely.


Aerodynamic Food Safe Blades
These Single Leaf SS 304 Food Grade Blades are crafted for compatibility with the jars for quick and perfect mixing. Fluid dynamics and hardened Stainless Steel blades enable ingredients to flow continuously, thus helping to retain their original taste as well as texture.



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