SEP APPU Grand Air Cooler 60 litres (Honeycomb)


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Smart. Efficient. Powerful. SEP Coolers are designed to provide cool and fresh air in hot, dry climates. These coolers have been specially designed to offer you a long lasting service. They are energy efficient hence economical to operate. Dura Pump Technology ensures longer pump life and large tank capacity which helps you operate the machine for 2 days without refilling. SEP Coolers utilize Aspen Wood Cooling pad, which is environment friendly and are 83% more efficient than other syntyhetic and screen filter media-used coolers, It breaks down the water molecules better than other cooling media, this process is crucial for better cooling. Enjoy multi-directional and powerful airflow for years to come with Appu. Product dimensions (LxBxH): 668mm x 669mm x 833mm Dura-pump Technology Cool Flow Dispenser Powerful Air Throw with Auto-Swing Automatic vertical swing Manual horizontal swing Cooling Area (Mtr.3/Ft.3): 113/4000 Crooning performance 60 litre water tank capacity Honey Comb hay-pad for efficient cooling Multi-directional wheels for smooth mobility Power: 185 watts Operating Voltage: 230 volts Free Trolley

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  • Product Dimensions : 73 x 71 x 88 cm ; 17 Kg
  • Item Model Number :¬†APPU GRAND honeycomb


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