Hindware 165 Snowcrest 24 HE Personal CP-172402HPP 24-Litre Air Cooler with Remote (Premium Purple)

Hindware Snowcrest presents for the first time in India, the air cooler with changeable colour panels. An artistic mix of graceful snow white coolers with soothing colour on the front panel, to blend seamlessly with your interiors.Their distinguished slender & tall look, coupled with next generation features like remote controlled operation, anti-skid top cover, shut louvers and power packed performance, is bound to capture your heart.

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  • High Air Delivery: Hindware Snowcrest Air Coolers are equipped with Powerful Fan, Highly efficient motor and smartly designed louver mechanism that ensures higher air delivery to cool any space in your house.
  • Soft Buttons with Remote Control: At your ease, Soft touch Buttons and remote control allows you to stay in one place while you enjoy the cool breeze of Hindware Snowcrest Air Coolers.
  • Honey-comb Pads: Fixed to the back & side grills, honey-comb pads ensure balanced cooling in a room. These low maintenance cooling pads are designed to absorb dust particles, are anti-deformative & anti-erosive which ensures longer life.
  • Anti-Skid Top Cover: Anti-slippery surface at top provides additional grip & storage for placing objects.
  • Ice Chamber: The Ice Chamber features a unique and innovative design which ensures to enhance the cooling faster in your room.
  • Complete Shut Louvers: This feature prevents dust and insects from entering inside the air cooler. Thereby ensuring the heigene and clineliness of the coolers interior and also stops mosquito breeding inside the cooler.


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