Carrier Estrella Pro 3 Star Window Air Conditioner. 1.5 Ton, Large (White)


  • Vitamin c filter the vitamin c filter disperses minute particles of vitamin c into the air that help soften the skin and reduce stress
  • Easy clean extra sensors built directly into the remote control inform the unit of the temperature even in the farthest parts of the room, thereby ensuring the optimum temperature no matter where you go
  • Smart diagnosis in case of any fault in the ac, this function will diagnose it immediately and turn the ac off to protect it. It also indicates protection or error code for fast service
  • Sleep mode an energy-saving mode, which gradually increases the temperature while you sleep. This slight, gradual increase in temperature, not affecting your comfort level, saves the energy consumption of the unit, and consequently lowers your power bill
  • Exhaust command this feature ensures that your room has constant supply of fresh and healthy air. Every day, wherever you go, you are exposed to increasing levels of pollution. So, at least when you are home, ensure that you breathe fresh, clean and healthy air

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Window ac; 1.5 ton capacity, energy rating: 3 star, 1 year warranty on product; 5 years warranty on compressor, auto restart: during unexpected power outages, this function retains the settings and temperature levels in its memory chip, enabling the air conditioner to restart with the previous function settings automatically when the power resumes. Auto swing: covering the expanse of the room, this function evenly cools or heats every part of the room by rotating/swinging the air deflector automatically. Nexgen dehumidifier: mould and mildew are types of fungi which can thrive in humid areas and can pose numerous health risks. The nexgen dehumidifier allows the air conditioner to reduce the humidity of a specific room whilst retaining its cooling capability, keeping the room at a comfortable temperature. Led bright led display included in the control panel. Built in slinger the condensed water is ABSorbed and recycled by the heat condenser to ensure minimum energy use and zero drainage problems. Hydrophilic blue fins: the hydrophilic fins improve the exchange of heat by ABSorbing the water on their surface and spreading the water instead of forming water droplets. The anti-corrosive epoxy coating improves heat transfer and prevents corrosion. 24hr timer the unit can be run on automatic mode using the 24-hour timer, which programs the unit to start and stop at a pre-assigned time.

Technical Specification

Capacity 1.50 tons
Installation Type Window
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 456 × 657 cm


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