AO Smith X8 Green RO 9 Litre Wall Mountable , Table Top RO+SCMT Black 9 Litre Water Purifier

Colour: Black; Power: 48 watts; Input Water Temperature: 5°C to 45°C; Operative Input VOLTAGE: 150 ~300V AC, 50 Hz; Material Tank Type : Virgin food -grade ABS

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AO Smith Green Series RO Water Purifiers comes with superior technology and advance protection. X8 Green series RO not only ensure 100 percent RO purified water but also saves 2X water than an ordinary RO water purifier with its innovative Advance Recovery Technology. [Patent applied] A. O. Smith Green series X8 model has the highest recovery 100 percent RO water purifier in India. With RO+SCMT technology harmful substances are removed and MIN-TECH adds back essential minerals into the purified healthy water. This water purifier is perfect fit to suit your lifestyle and match your kitchen décor.

8 Stage RO+SCMT

MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)

Saves 2X More Water Compared to an Ordinary RO -ART (Advance Recovery Technology)

Unlike other purifiers, our breakthrough ART recovers 2X more water ( Tested by External Lab, NABL accredited ) when it runs through the purifier, ensuring minimal water wastage.

8 Stage- RO+SCMT. For Baby-Safe Water

Our 8-stage Green RO purification system undoes what the world has done to water. At the touch of a button, you get water the way it was meant to be. Fresh, clean and good for your baby.

MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)

A. O. Smith’s unique Mineraliser Technology adds the essential minerals to the water. So the water has a fresh natural taste. It also balances the pH –essential for drinking water.


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