A. O. Smith X3

Introducing X3 RO with MIN-TECH.It is beautifully crafted sleek design which fits into the kitchen cabinets easily and its dynamic dual color complements the kitchen interior.X3 comes with Power of 6.It has six-stage of RO purification system which undoes what the world has done to water,so you get water the way it was meant to be Fresh, clean and good for you.




A. O. Smith X3
Product Dimensions (H x D x W)    460mm x 256mm x 380mm
Net Weight                                    8.5 kgs (approx.)
Gross Weight                                  10 kgs (approx.)
Flow rate*                                       Upto 15 litres per hour
Storage tank capacity                   5 litres (approx.)
Purification technology              RO (Reverse Osmosis)
6 Stage Purifying Technology       Sediment filter + SCB Filter( Fine Sediment + Carbon block) + Side Stream RO Membrane + SCM-TECH(Silver Activated Post Carbon+ MIN-TECH)
Membrane type                           Thin film composite RO membrane
Material of construction for plastic parts               Food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics
Pump type                          Diaphragm pump, 24VDC, 0.26 Amps, Operating Pressure 125 psi (Max.)
Input Voltage range                       150 – 300 VAC, 50 Hz
Power rating (Max)                       48 Watts
System input pressure***                           5 psi to 30 psi
% Recovery**                                      Up to 30%
TDS reduction**                                ≥ 95% (approx.)
* Flow rate depends on variable factors such as feed water pressure, feed water characteristics and condition of the RO membrane and filters.
** Recovery and TDS reduction percentages also depend on variable factors such as life and condition of the RO membrane and filters, feed water pressure and feed water characteristics.
*** If input pressure exceeds 30 psi, a pressure reducing valve needs to be installed at the feed line. If the pressure is lower than 7 psi, a booster pump needs to be installed. Ensure you buy them from A. O. Smith Company Authorised Service Technician.


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